Matt Hay Customer Information - Hay Lets Communication

Create awareness and engage with customers to inform them of service changes and upcoming engineering works and line blockades.

Conduct a number of station roadshows in the morning and evening peaks to speak with customers, hand out leaflets and provide advice about how and when their services would be changing.

Conduct media interviews on site and allow media to engage with customers to vox pop their views on what was happening.

Local Councillors and MPs were also invited to site and provided with private briefings so that they could help spread the message and understood the reasons for the changes.

Mobilised a number of managers from across the business to assist and provide expert input at the sessions.
(Cake and chocolate may have assisted in encouraging customers to speak to us.)

The business did not receive a single complaint relating to customers not knowing service were coming.

May Calendar - Hay Lets Communicate

Prepare Greater Manchester rail customers for changes to their services during the May 2018 timetable change. Some customers were being affected by reductions in capacity, other by destination changes, other by different timings and others by change of operator.

Focus communications on supporting and following rail industry customer communications but filling the void to help customers complete their end to end journey.

Promoted different travel options and alternative modes and encouraged all customers to plan ahead and allow extra time to complete their normal journey.

Managed reputation by clearly referring any queries about why services were changing back to the operators and focused purely on providing factual information.

TfGM's travel advice messaging was seen 1.5 million times on social networks and no complaints were received from customers not knowing change was coming.

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