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Lead communications for a mayoral priority and commitment to reduce road congestion in the region.

Co-ordinate a listening exercise to seek the public's views on what is congestion, what are it's causes and impacts and what can be done to reduce constraining levels in the region. Provide research and briefings around newsworthy facts and figures and arrange media opportunities to raise the profile and connect the issue to other mayoral priorities such as clean air and health and well-being.

Much of the campaign focused on two main strands - being the economic impact on the city but also and perceptionally more important to commuters was the impact it had on their daily lives.
Information booklets, web content and social media activity were used to inform the public and illicit responses.
The campaign also included partnership working with marketing colleagues to produce items such as radio adverts and poster collateral.

More than 7,000 individual responses were received which in turn were analysed and categorized and led to the publication of Greater Manchester's Congestion Deal which is a package of publically endorsed measures ranging from infrastructure investment through to behavioural change.

A continuous heart beat of congestion based stories has been generated to remind the public their input is making a difference.

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