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Communicate business objectives and operational messages to a 1200+ dispersed and highly unionised workforce with limited access to at work computers whilst contributing to increasing staff engagement levels.

Ensured all messages were consistent, engaging and delivered across a number of channels including staff magazines, daily updates, notice boards and via a newly created external extranet site packed with reasons to visit including staff offers and up to the minute news.

Transformed management briefs from death by powerpoint to interactive conference and exhibitions which uniquely included inviting customers to present their views directly.

Organised and co-ordinated company awards, management roadshows and family fun days.

Over 80% of colleagues visited the new extranet via none work based computers and contributed to engagement levels rising by 20% in the annual colleague satisfaction survey.

Event Management - Hay Lets Communicate

During a period of change, transition one rail franchise to a new business and communicate the exciting future ahead for colleagues whilst providing reassurance at a time of uncertainty.

Tell colleagues the story of the new business, the investment that was being made, the improvements being delivered for customers and the transformational affect the new franchise would have on the north of England.
A full suite of activity and channels was used to embrace change and inspire colleagues for the future. Management conferences, depot roadshows, director Q and A sessions, ipad information terminals, infographics and dedicated newsletters got the story across.
For the added bit of sparkle and to land the message that the business was more than about trains but was instead directly contributing to the northern powerhouse, an inspirational video was launched and poem commissioned via the legendary Tony Walsh aka Long Fella.

Engagement levels increased significantly compared to before the campaign started and lots of colleagues inspired to and proud to deliver for the north. All TUPE affected colleagues briefed and communicated to and no issues reported. A sense of northern pride instilled in the new business.

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